Bob McKay


Other Bob McKay's on the Net

If you've got the wrong Bob McKay, you may actually be looking for:

A disc jockey in the States

Another (or maybe he just changed stations)

A US sitcom character

An "air sailer" in Nevada (is this the same as a hang glider?)

A pig researcher in Canada

An archaeological photographer in Iowa

A dinghy sailor on Chesapeake Bay

A ledger engineer (whatever that may be) in Thornleigh, NSW

An Ontario Harley-Davidson repairer

Or a Montreal firefighter

In Fairbanks, Alaska (email only)

In Warren, Australia (email only)

In Pullman, Michigan (email only)

In Palm Desert, California (email only)

In Stockton, California (email only)

In Langley, British Columbia (email only)

etc - you get the idea (a search on Four11 turned up 63 hits (none of which was me!!)

In Langley, British Columbia (email only)

Then there's the Bob MacKay's:

A flight simulator programmer

A spirit sighter (well actually, he didn't see a thing) Grand River, Ontario

A writer on New York architecture

The more formal Robert McKay's:

Not very informative

Reputed author of a smiley catalogue

A management consultant in Massachusetts

A community outreach law programme!

And the Robert MacKay's:

An atmospheric chemist in Cambridge, MA

An electron microscopist in Nova Scotia

A nonlinear mathematician at Cambridge, UK

A high school student in Nova Scotia

Author of a book on William Wallace

Whooops, I almost forgot the Rob McKay's:

A friendly guy from Oakland, California

A swimming instructor in the US

A basketball coach somewhere in British Columbia

A scoutmaster in Devon

An equine veterinary researcher in Florida

A rock music fan in Bangor, Wales

And the Rob MacKay's:

A "student senator" at the University of Southern Florida

A poet writing about the burning of a viking fireship, in Burghead, Scotland

Finally, amongst the McKie's, there's:

A Bob McKie, who contributed to the Kerberos secure networking project

A Robert McKie, who dairy-farmed in South Carolina

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