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   * {{:​img_20130902_145003.jpg?​200}}The top removed, showing the mirror motor   * {{:​img_20130902_145003.jpg?​200}}The top removed, showing the mirror motor
   * {{:​img_20130902_144649.jpg?​200}}{{:​img_20130902_144635.jpg?​200}}{{:​img_20130902_144615.jpg?​200}}{{:​img_20130902_144603.jpg?​200|}}Optics that are worth cleaning   * {{:​img_20130902_144649.jpg?​200}}{{:​img_20130902_144635.jpg?​200}}{{:​img_20130902_144615.jpg?​200}}{{:​img_20130902_144603.jpg?​200|}}Optics that are worth cleaning
 +  * {{:​img_20130902_144538.jpg?​200}}The motor assembly removed
 +  * {{:​img_20130902_144532.jpg?​200}}The clip you need to remove to be able to open the motor assembly
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