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On mac, in /Users/rim/easy-rsa/2.0

      source ./vars
      ./build-key <client-name>
  Move cert files to
  Give user a copy of <client-name>.crt, <client-name>.key and ca.crt
  If fixed address required, in
      create file <client-name>, containing ifconfig-push 10.160.81.x 10.160.81.y, where x and y are taken from
          [1,2] [5,6] [9,10] [13,14] [17,18]
          [21,22] [25,26] [29,30] [33,34] [37,38]
          [241,242] [245,246] [249,250] [253,254]
          Note: only needed for machines which require a fixed addr
          Note: need to be careful not to double-allocate
      Tell user their address, 10.161.81.x