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Bob McKay

Welcome to my personal home page.

I'm a recently-retired professor of the Dept of Computer Science and Engineering, College of Engineering, Seoul National University (generally acknowledged as the top university in Korea), married to Pilar Perez. Before that I was a researcher in CSIRO, then an academic in the University of New South Wales. We have now returned to our home in Urila, Australia, where we are currently working dawn-to-dusk to get our home back in order. I hold an adjunct professorship in the Research School of Computer Science, Australian National University (somewhat notional until we get our personal lives back in order), and visiting professorships in the University of Wuhan and the China University of Geosciences (Wuhan).

I'm a member of the Structural Complexity Group, researching Genetic Programming and related fields.

Recent news: the state of our drive meant that Pilar is now the proud owner of a Toyota Landcruiser Prado, and I have a Nissan Patrol ute. So we can fix up the road for you to visit us, we have also bought a small bulldozer, an excavator and a medium-size tractor. More news and pix later when we have free time.

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